Matilda Meades-Cubitt has had a lifetime interest in Art and Design.  At a young age she developed her hand in drawing and as a child enjoyed collaging images out of magazines to create her own interiors and concepts, as well as teaching herself digital art techniques in her free time. Originally from Indonesia, Matilda has had an open eye to experiencing new cultures, and meeting different people after her international upbringing growing up in Singapore, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. She studied higher level art in high school and went on to earn her Bachelors in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City, after which she gained some experience at HJE Interiors in New Jersey City, and Solis Betancourt and Sherrill in Washington D.C.

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​"When I reflect on the time I spent during early childhood in and out of hospitals and clinics as well as my time living in an orphanage, I find that the traditional layout of such spaces—characterized by sterile, white walls, barred windows, and communal play areas—are fundamentally counterintuitive to their purpose. As a designer who values equanimity, I have learned that designed environments are first and foremost functional spaces. I believe that when applicable, the aesthetic choices I make as a designer can and should elicit a visceral response in users and inhabitants through the implementation of Evidence-Based Design strategies in all environments, not necessarily just in Healthcare environments. This means I am able to not only cater to creating a sense of “awe” when people experience my spaces, but also subtly design in a way that benefits them emotionally and promotes positive convalescence."​- Matilda Meades-Cubitt, 2019


Design Philosophy