An Introduction to Healthcare Design

Education, Education, Education! The first step to being able to implement new strategies in your work is educating yourself on the information that already exists within your industry.

Design is NO exception!

It's possible to have your own aesthetic and still learn from others in other niches within your field. The "I learned this in Design School so I don't need more education" response will only hold you back, and I know this because if I didn't take healthcare design classes as my chosen elective instead of a useless "statistics" class to fill my schedule up, I would have never known some of these practices existed!

If you follow my instagram, you know I post many tips and tricks on there, related to your health and design, not so much the construction aspect of interior design. Why? Because there are a million Designers out there who do regular-degular interior design work. .Whether it's commercial, residential, renovations, house flips and more, if you hire a designer, you'll get very similar input, and if you are a designer, many other designers use the same exact information they learned in college as you did. The difference? Which designers picked a niche and are different and which designers do the exact same as every other designer?

I'll be going more in depth about Healthcare Design, Wellness Design, and my niche, and why I'm not any interior designer you can find online, but to get started, here are some of my absolute favorite Healthcare Design reads.

1. Evidence Based Design for Healthcare Facilities

This book was introduced to me in college in my introduction to healthcare class, and I've referenced it in every single project I've done since--because so much of this is applicable to all types of design, even though it's written specifically about Healthcare Facilities. The practices and strategies mentioned can be implemented in Residential projects (like I use it for!) and more!

2. Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

Rosalyn Cama, Evidence-Based Designer and owner of CAMA, Inc, wrote this amazing book on Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare Facilities as well. This is also a great read. I met her during my time in college and she gave me some great feedback on my design projects. If you need a more in-depth understanding of Evidence-Based Design, this is the book for you!